About Me

I am a fiber and mixed-media artist primarily.  Both of these areas involve a wide range of techniques and materials.  Some elements I purchase, some I scavenge.  Some techniques I employ are established and some I make up (which is where the real fun comes in).  I love to create works to adorn and inspire.

My creative interests also involve making music, jewelry, dolls, sculpture, hand-spun yarns, henna designs, gardens, food, drinks, and various mischiefs. I love to travel, especially when there is camping involved.   I am also a retired professional bellydancer.

I live in the beautiful wacky and vibrant city of Salem, Massachusetts with my partner Jim and our hysterical hairless creature-dog Zack.

Standing outside my shop on Artists' Row modeling my new felted witch hat!

Standing outside my shop on Artists’ Row modeling my new felted witch hat.

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