At the end of last year I dove down the mixed-media rabbit hole head first and began learning all sorts of new techniques.  This was largely an excuse to make multiple forays to various art and craft supply centers and amass new materials.  If you didn’t already know, I am a confessed art supply hoarder.  Nothing gets me jazzed like learning a new technique for which I have to go out and procure new stuff.  Sometimes it means spending big, sometimes I score in the clearance aisles, sometimes I leave Extras with hundreds of pounds of yarn and flooring samples and paper and glass and fabric and… and sometimes I find stuff on the ground.

Last month I participated in The Brush Gallery’s 4×4 Exhibit.  This is a really cool annual event where participating artists create works all using the same 4×4 inch canvas and the resulting profits from their sales go to a scholarship fund to help one Umass Lowell student attend as a visual arts major. I created my piece using distress paints, an acrylic photo transfer and lots of fun acrylic goopiness:



If you are an artist in any media that can be applied to a 4×4 canvas please consider participating in this even in the future…  details can be found here!


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