At the heart of all of my work is the undeniable need to create something beautiful to share.  Whether it is a piece of fiber art, jewelry, sculpture or a dance performance, there is a deep desire to connect with others through art.IMG_0761

I have taken all of my past experiences, skills and materials and used them to create unique works that have their own process and story.  My work draws on my life experiences and imparts my love of art to others by incorporating these materials with found objects and stories from the creative process involved.

The name Serendipitish comes from a conversation with my father wherein he used it to describe how he makes emotional color choices in his paintings.  “Well, Sweetheart… that just sort of happens… serendipitishly”.  A perfect moniker for my work, which develops organically and certainly “serendipitishly”, it has been the name of my solo and later, shared space on Artists’ Row.  It is now my personal brand for all of my works as well as my process.




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